Upcoming Workshops

These half day workshop will explore the fascinating workings of the psoas muscles; the deepest core muscles of the body. Delve into the anatomy and physiology of the muscle as well as discover how it can be the culprit of so many health conditions. An unhappy psoas causes lower back pain, hip pain, IBS, Chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and can be the source of locked in trauma in the body. So often it isreferred to as the ‘muscle of the soul’.

The workshop will be 50% theory and 50% practical.

2020 workshop dates coming soon!

Workshops We Offer

1) Intro to Psoas

3.5 hr workshop introducing you to the fascinating workings of the Psoas muscle. The workshop will look at the anatomy of the muscle as well as symptoms that may be associated with an unhappy psoas. The half day workshop will then look at a few strategies to ease tension in the muscle.

2) Psoas and the Body

6 hour workshop aimed at those suffering from specific physical pain and discomfort such as back, hip and neck pain. The workshop will look at the anatomy of the muscle, explore Psoas’ role in causing and relieving your pain as well as look at how a misaligned psoas can lead to secondary conditions of internal organs such as IBS and Chronic Fatigue. The workshops will be 50/50 theory and practical. We will explore a wide variety of physical exercises, releases and techniques to heal your Psoas. As Psoas is a holistic muscle mental and spiritual aspects will naturally be included in this workshop also.

3) Psoas and the Mind

6 hour workshop looking at the relationship between your Psoas and the nervous and endocrine systems. By looking at this close relationship we will explore how your Psoas can be locked in thought patterns and past trauma. We will explore the Psoas as the fear response muscle and also how this can have an impact on the gut-brain connection. A variety of physical and psychological exercises will be taught in order to unlock trauma and fear in the Psoas and therefore improve mental and physical health.

4) Psoas and the Spirit

This 8 hour retreat style workshop will be about discovering and reconnecting with yourself. Using a rich variety of activities such as meditation, music, poetry, silence, reflection and action it will take you on a journey of healing. Themes to choose from are belonging, identity, love, brokenness, forgiveness, pain, joy and a higher being will be explored leaving you feeling peaceful, happy and content.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Caths recent Psoas seminar. It was presented in a fun relaxed setting from someone clearly with a passionate background in this area. From my experience both as a GP and Yoga Teacher I have been able to incorporate many learning points into my own practice.

Highly recommend this seminar for anyone due to its informative and educational content, which is presented in a very clear concise and structured format. 5 stars.”

Dr Avi Sharma

“We recently hosted a Psoas Workshop with Cath at our studio. Best decision ever! Cath’s story about her personal struggles with her own Psoas and her journey towards healing her body were incredible. The workshop included amazing visuals and book references. We all learned so much and pairing issues with Psoas with our yoga was really helpful. Everyone loved the workshop so much, we added another workshop the following month. Will definitely be doing more workshops in the coming months!!

Sherand Esser, owner of Damn Hot Yoga Glasgow.

What is the Psoas muscle?

Deep within the core of the body lies the Psoas muscle, the bodies most important muscle. It is the only muscle to attach the upper extremity to the lower extremity. It is not only the centre of physical balance but is the centre of our fights/flight/fear response and is therefor at the core of our overall health and wellbeing.

Housing the nervous system, reproductive organs, kidneys and diaphragm, the psoas shelves many of the vital organs critical to our health. When the psoas is unhappy we know about it!

Tuning into your psoas can open up a wealth of healing of all kinds.

Why not join me in a Psoas workshop to find out more and see if Psoas is at the core of your healing too.

About Cath Lyden

Cath is a Qualified Yoga teacher, PE and Dance teacher, Programme manager, Fitness instructor and motivational speaker with 17 years experience in the health and fitness. Having completed Marathons, triathlons and been an active netball player, swimmer and yogi Cath is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the human body!

In 2012 however, at the peak of her physical fitness Cath ended up in A&E one evening with petrifying health issues concerning the nervous system and vital organs. Despite numerous tests doctors could not diagnose the problem and therefore suggested it could be anxiety. Cath continued to experience these symptoms for a period of 6 months turning her world upside down. Confused and devastated by these scary symptoms and adopting a determined attitude Cath decided to find out for herself what was causing her poor health.

Being confident in her knowledge of the human body, Cath began investigating her symptoms. It was during this process that she found the mighty Psoas. Working alongside key professionals in the holistic health field Cath has developed a strong understanding of this muscle and it’s connection not just to the physical body but its intricate connection to human mind and spirit also. Cath has sat under the teaching of UK and US Psoas experts such as Liz Koch and Jonathan FItzgordon and has begun an incredible journey of healing and wholeness. Join her on this journey as she unlocks the secrets of the Psoas and the healing that accompanies it.