Do you suffer with back pain, IBS, Chronic fatigue, anxiety, stress or depression? Healing can be found through discovering and connecting with our bodies.

Psoas provides a wide variety of weekly classes in the Loch Lomond area that aim to stretch, create space and provide stillness and ease for a painful body and busy mind. Check out the classes page for more details on how to book your class.

Cath Lyden, our founder also runs 1 and 2 day workshops that educate and offer practical exploration of the fascinating Psoas muscles; ‘the muscle of the soul’. By connecting with these muscles healing can be found in body and mind and emotions. Check out the workshop pages for more details or find out more about the psoas muscle here.

“I too am an ex-fitness instructor and have had constant aches and pains for years. I then started to get chest pains with no reason, I certainly don’t have a heart condition, but it was quite scary. I mentioned it in passing to Cath and when she explained about the Psoas and how this muscle can affect your physical, mental and spiritual being, it all seemed to fall into place. I read Cath’s paper, and did my own research, and lo and behold all of my symptoms (lumbar and cervical back pain, shortened hip-flexors, groin, chest pain – all relate to an ‘unhappy’ Psoas! I sometimes also have a feeling of dread which feels deep rooted inside the body… again a symptom an ‘unhappy’ Psoas. I would recommend anyone interested in wellness to attend Caths workshops”.

Jo Bates, SW London.

“…Cath sent me a very detailed analysis explaining why she believed an imbalance in her Psoas muscles was at the heart of her many physical symptoms. At the time I had been working with the EMMETT Technique, a technique, that at its heart, aims to balances the Psoas muscles. As a professional in EMMETT I agreed that all of the symptoms experienced by Cath were potential side effects when Psoas looses integrity. After just 1 treatment with the EMMETT Technique Cath experienced substantial relief from her symptoms confirming for her the validity of her analysis and sending her on a path to further investigate how she could maintain this healing and help others to find healing also. She has my full support and admiration for bringing this core body hero the attention it deserves.”

Lesley Salt, Director of EMMETT Therapies UK.

“Understanding the psoas is a doorway to a healthier happier life. I learnt so much in Cath’s Workshop, such as the surprising and powerful connection between the psoas and the mind and emotions. She showed us physical exercises to help stretch & release a tight psoas but Cath also got us to help us release emotionally energy through working with the mind body connection.

A really eye opening, interesting & practical Workshop.”

Raj Sharma, Owner of Bikram Yoga, Wimbledon.

“The sold out workshop we held at Bikram Yoga Glasgow was extremely well received by our students and teachers alike. Cath has a wealth of knowledge that she shares in an easy to understand and extremely informative manner. We are really excited to welcome Cath back soon for the next instalment on all things Psoas!”

Aliza Bourmad, Studio Manager & Bikram Yoga Teacher

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